Friday, July 17, 2009

Vocational Training at The ARC of Voluisa

Our vocational training programs are tailored accordingly to each individual student.

Vocational Training I

Serves individuals with severe or multiple needs.
Individuals may require assistance ambulating, attending to personal care, or may require behavioral management.

Individual program Plans are developed in conjunction with the individual and significant people involved in their life.

Curriculum's are designed to assist individuals, develop skills for independence for life, entrepreneurial training, self-care, communication, social-leisure-daily living skills, and development of fine/gross motor skills.

Vocational Training II

Serves individuals who are independently mobile and capable of self-care.
This program emphasizes transitional and vocational skills required to perform a variety of activities focusing on entrepreneurship.

Individual Program Plans are developed for each person and on-site
Adult Basic Education classes are offered with a curriculum in business and business skills.

Individuals in the vocational component of this program (Workshop) perform finishing work for area businesses and are paid according to Department of Labor Standards.

Vocational Outings

Serves Vocational Programs I and II individuals desiring small group (two to three people) community outings of their choices, with curriculum focusing on independence and entrepreneurship.

Individuals participate on a rotating basis and work with program assistants to plan and partake in half day learning base community outings.

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200 Workers At Your Service

The ARC of Volusia offers a wide array of services to the public. Our supervised work staff is professionally trained and eager to provide you with quality services such as:

* Assembly
* Packaging
* Bulk Mailing
* Inserting and Labeling
* Document Destruction
* Outsourcing

The ARC Specializes in completing daily, weekly, monthly, or even one-time runs for your company. All of our work is Quality Controlled. Pick UP/Delivery is Available.

Fast, affordable, quality service. Call us Today!

East Volusia and Flagler County Contact:

The Arc of Volusia, Inc.
100 Jimmy Hugger Circle, P.O. Box 9658
Daytona Beach, FL 32120
(386) 274-4736 or (386) 274-5121

West Volusia County Contact:

The Arc of Volusia, Inc.
1738 Patterson Ave. Bldg. K
DeLand, FL 32724
(386)943-9793 or (386)943-9479

Friday, June 5, 2009

Who we are: The Arc of Volusia

The Arc of Volusia is a nonprofit organization assisting community members with developmental disabilities in attaining adequate self-sufficiency skills by offering vocational training, behavioral health services, community outreach programs, assessments, advocacy, and awareness.

We started this blog in order to introduce you to our staff, clients, and friends; as well as to raise awareness online and to keep you up to date with information on fundraising events, summer camps, garage sales, and other exciting activities.

We hope that you will help us spread the word by bookmarking this blog, checking back often, and telling all of your friends and family members about us.

If you would like to help raise awareness, please join our cause on Facebook by searching for
"The Arc of Volusia" using your "Causes" application, or become a fan of our page to keep up to date with events, resources, membership details, or simply to communicate with other supporters of the ARC of Volusia.